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Dental Hygiene Appointments in Orangeville

Proper dental hygiene involves more than brushing and flossing your teeth at home. Food particles become trapped between the teeth and gums, forming plaque which hardens over time. This hard substance, known as tartar, can harm teeth and gums, and while flossing can help to remove plaque, professional cleaning is necessary to remove stubborn tartar.

Dental Hygiene For Optimal Oral Health

It’s important to remove tartar buildup to prevent gum disease. Your dental hygienist will use special tools to remove tartar below the gum line. This procedure is not painful, but you may experience minor bleeding, which usually resolves quickly.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Maintaining good oral hygiene involves brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every night before bed. Consult with your dental hygienist to identify areas of heavy plaque buildup and learn how to clean these areas more thoroughly for improved oral health.

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